Happy Brew Year!
I’m back from a fantastic vacation in France and Spain where I had some tasty beers.
Speaking of my favorite drink, I little while back I got to interview Meg Gill from GoldenRoad on her take on homebrewing and the second season of her Vice series “Brewland”:

Freelancing has its ups and downs for sure. But, one of the perks is I have been able to do a handful of music reviews and interviews with OC Weekly, one of the best local weekly publications in southern California.

Most of my paid work has been in the luxury and real estate market, so writing about music means switching gears. I make hardly anything on these articles, but it’s great for building my credibility as a writer and is challenging. Plus, I get into concerts free!

Last weekend I was able to attend The Offspring and Sublime with Rome at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. The Irvine Meadows is closing soon and this is one of the last shows there.

These two bands were very influential in developing a distinctive SoCal sound in the late eighties into the late nineties.

I wrote this article rather quick, so am missing a comma here or there but anyway, would like to share this with you because this one was a fun one to cover and it looks good to the editor to have a lot of activity. I also took the accompanying photo on my iPhone 7, so I got to toot my horn on that one as well.




PR Please? Public Relations is a field in which I'm just starting to stretch my wings. So I'm feeling triumphal over this little mini-coup today. My real estate client has a listing featured in L.A. Times' "Home of the Day".

So, all it takes is a little email sending you say? Well, yes. However, I believe when pitching and promoting it's important how you word things. It's important to treat the other person on the other end of the datasphere like a...well, person. To follow instructions. To think of the needs of the publication and try to send the right material. So, one email yes. But it must be a good one.

People are busy, so you have to laser in like Luke Skywalker in the X-Wing on what they want. Often, silence. But on that moment when you get a hit, it's like swooping through the galaxy, victory in sight.

New Client: Max Amini & Abstraction Media.
I'm excited to add a new client this month, actor and comedian Max Amini. In addition to a touring schedule that takes him all over the world including London, Dubai, Toronto, Berlin, Hannover and allover the U.S., Max heads up his own entertainment company: Abstraction Media. He is set to appear in the new Rob Schneider series: 'Real Rob.' I'm his in-house writer and heading up the P.R. campaign for his tour this year.